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     I am very honoured to be featured as Woman In Horror on a blog of Blaze Mc Rob. 


     "Patricia Anabel is my Woman In Horror today! While Patricia is probably known more for her Gothic poetry, she writes great short stories as well. It speaks well of her that she is included in a number of anthologies with great authors and a number of Women In Horror. Of course, I am not the least bit surprised to see her fantastic works in any of these anthologies. I am amazed at the talented women who are published in so many great anthologies today. "


     To see the all feature click on the picture below:


     Shared on the Facebook by author and editor Brian Barnett in February 2014:

 Brian Barnett

 3 February ·


Today for Women in Horror Recognition Month: Patricia Anabel

She's is a talented poet who you'll see a lot of in the coming years. I was lucky enough to appear in a few anthologies with her: Grave Robbers (edited by James Ward Kirk), Bones II (also by Kirk), and Gothic Poems and Fiction (edited by George Wilhite).

Give her a look and 'like' her page:

(or click on the image below)














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